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This winter, experience Red Crab migration on Christmas Island!

What is Red Crab migration?

Christmas Island red crab is a species of land crab found on Christmas Island, which was named so by a European explorer who discovered the island on Christmas. The red crabs usually reside in the forests of the island but migrate annually to the coast to breed sometime in the month of November or December, providing a visual treat to tourists.

What are the possible spawning dates?

late 2018/early 2019:
4-5 November 2018
4-5 December 2018
2-3 January 2019

late 2019:
22 – 24 November 2019
21 – 23 December 2019

What is there to experience?

Located in the vast Indian ocean, the dog shaped island is a part of the Australian territory. It is truly a paradise for nature lovers as the island promises some phenomenal activities including but not limited to bird-watching, fishing, snorkelling, scuba-diving and of course, the chance to watch the red crab migration!

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Picture Credit: Mathieu Meur

How to reach Christmas Island?

1.By Air:

You can reach the island via flight from Perth (twice weekly), Jakarta (weekly) or Kuala Lumpur (fortnightly). Flight schedules are subject to change – kindly check with the airline, your travel agent or the Christmas Island Airport website: www.christmasislandairport.com.au, for updates to schedules.

2.By Cruise:

Christmas Island is well positioned for cruise ships travelling between south east Asia and Fremantle, Australia to have a break and allow passengers to discover the gem the island is. The schedule for cruise ships keep changing, so email marketing@christmas.net.au to obtain the latest information brochure.

3.By Yachts:

The port of Christmas Island and the community welcomes visiting yachts to call at Flying Fish Cove. There are several formalities that need to be completed, for full information, check out: https://www.christmas.net.au/plan-your-trip/yachts.html


For more information, kindly visit https://www.christmas.net.au



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