TripRethink is the smartest way to save on your hotel bookings. It is a free online tool meant for everyone. TripRethink strives to lock the lowest price possible for your current hotel reservation before your check-in date.
It is quite simple! Just forward your hotel reservation details to deals@triprethink.com (the confirmation email you receive after you make your hotel reservation on any website), and we will take it from there. Just sit back and relax. We'll set out to find the best price available for your booking until your check-in.
Once we find a better price for your hotel booking, you’ll receive an email from us. The email contains the link to the website where we have found a better deal for you for the same room you already booked. You can make a new reservation at a lower price on the same hotel room.
Once you complete reservation at the lower amount (provided by TripRethink), kindly go to the website you made your previous reservation from and cancel your booking to avoid multiple bookings on your day of check-in.
Nothing! Your reservation remains unaltered. You control the changes you want to make to your reservations. TripRethink neither books nor cancels your reservation.
No risk at all! As we said, you are in charge of your bookings and we in no way alter it.
You will still have your original booking. It is not necessary for all the bookings to have price drops.
TripRethink is 100% FREE,and you don’t have to spend a dime.
No hidden costs. TripRethink services are absolutely transparent and you will not be charged for any of TripRethink’s services.