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Error fares – A hack that lets travellers save on their flight tickets

What are error fares?

Have you ever come across irrationally low or high priced flights? There are times when airlines may flash unusual prices due to system flaws or other miscalculations, these are what we call Error Fares. These fares are one of the best examples of good luck because they help you save big amounts on flight bookings if booked at the right time. In a nutshell, these are price tags that the airline mistakenly puts on flights, however, tickets purchased at these rates are mostly honored by the airlines.

How to spot error fares?
Considering how busy the travel industry is, error fares appear from time to time and are not very difficult to spot. Even if the industry is highly tech driven, it still depends on human force for many tasks. In most cases, error fares are a result of a person’s mistake of calculating the wrong amount for a ticket price. The wrong amount (or error fare) is updated on the website for a short period of time usually, so one has to be vigilant when looking for them. Here are some tips you can use –

  1. The most important trick is to react fast.

The flight is to be booked as soon as you spot a good price because chances are that the airline will soon mend the mistake and the opportunity of booking at a cheaper rate will be lost. Travelers across the world book their flights the moment they come across a good price and use error fares as an opportunity for saving money.

  1. Set a price alert for your trip.

Setting an alert is the most convenient way to spot error fares. You receive notifications for whenever the price drops and you can book immediately when you come across a lower rate. This is a safer option because a lot of people will book the same flight as you through the price alert which will reduce the chance of the airline to cancel your booking.

  1. Pay for your flight through an online transaction so as to receive an E-ticket from the airline.

The chances of an Airline cancelling a flight after handing the ticket to the customer are very less. It also minimizes the risk of losing your money because most airlines take complete responsibility of the malfunctions from their end and transfer back the amount to your account in case the booking is cancelled.

  1. Let TripRethink help find error fares for you.

We track flight deals at all times and notify you every time lower fares are spotted. So just by following our posts, you can be notified of price drops and book your flights at cheaper rates.


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