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Cheap Flights New Delhi to Milan,Italy Round trip from ₹28000(399$) Only!

Kuwait Airlines is offering Cheap Flights New Delhi to Milan,Italy.Round trip fares are starting at an incredibly low price of ₹28,000 only.
Milan, popularly known as the fashion capital of the world is a city in northern Italy. Indulge in luxury shopping, gorge on traditional Italian food, visit art galleries with Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting and marvel at the gothic architecture. Don’t forget to visit the famous cathedral- Duomo di Milano! It’s the perfect chance to go explore Europe, a place on everyone’s bucket-list.HURRY UP and BOOK your Cheap flight tickets NOW!

Airlines : Kuwait Airlines

Routing :


Travel period : September 2019 – October 2019

Round trip dates to hunt the cheapest deals :
12 September- 19 September
19 September- 23 September
21 September- 30 September
26 September- 03 October
03 October- 07 October
03 October- 10 October
07 October- 14 October
12 October- 19 October
19 October- 26 October
21 October- 28 October

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Baggage Details:
2x 23kgs Check-In Baggage.
The baggage information is just for reference. Please Check with airline before check-in.

The amount and dates mentioned in this article are subject to change. The prices are constantly fluctuating due to several deals proposed by the website. This article is meant to highlight the current top deals available at the time of publication. Therefore, the exact amount/deal can only be enquired from the website as it may be different on the time of booking.


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