Mumbai-Seychelles round-trip fares starting from ₹24,000 ONLY! Island holidays calling

Has the hustle-bustle of daily life getting too much for you? Do you feel the need to get away? Well, here’s giving you a perfect reason to plan your next Island getaway! Ethiopian Airlines is offering round-trip fares from Mumbai to Seychelles starting at ₹24,000 ONLY! Hurry and book NOW!

Why is Seychelles the perfect holiday destination?

The Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa. Pink sand beaches, scuba diving, two UNESCO World Heritage sites and a chance to spot rare animal species- do you need any more reason to book your tickets to this magical island?

Top dates to hunt the cheapest deals :

Travel period : January 2019 to March 2019

Sample Dates:

23rd Jan – 29th Jan
27th Feb – 1st Feb
31st Jan – 4th Feb
10th Feb – 15th Feb
11th,13th Feb – 19th Feb
18th Feb – 25th Feb
28th Feb – 4th Mar
7th Mar – 12th Mar

How to book? Use this link :


Here’s what your booking will look like:


The amount and dates mentioned in this article are subject to change. The prices are constantly fluctuating due to several deals proposed by the website. This article is meant to highlight the current top deals available. Therefore, the exact amount/deal can only be enquired from the website as it may be different on the time of booking.

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